John Barlow

A long haired, tea addicted web developer...

I studied my degree in the fabulous city of Brighton earning a bachelor of science in Digital Media Development, helping me throughout my career by providing me with the necessary skills to think analytically and logically​ for lack of less cliché buzzwords.

I've been exposed to the bells and whistles of a variety of operating systems, most commonly Windows (7, 8, 8.1) closely followed by Mac OS. My ability to scooch around Linux is forever maturing.

Web design/development is my thing, I have a passion for it, always have. It's second only to my leisurely (unhealthy) interest in games and PC gaming. Though if you split the two they'd both be number one in their respective categories of awesome. I'm forward thinking, I like current design trends and I like to stamp out the old and tatty bringing in the new and refreshing. I'm a firm believer of striving to be at the forefront of whatever technology it is I'm using.